The Doer Revolution (Video Book)

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- Feeling stuck?

- Having not enough time?

- Maybe, your job is pulling you down?

- Not satisfied with your career or failing to start something new?

- Struggling with your discipline?

- Not having direction, framework, or compass to improve your life?

- Are you in a state of mind where you feel you deserve a better life and to become extraordinary?


I know you have… so welcome to our 7-hour transformational program.

In this course, you will discover:

  • the hidden obstacles, smokescreens, and personal weaknesses that might hold you back
  • 3 ages of human beings and that the most precious thing you must protect in life is the value of time
  • 3 simple yet effective ingredients to rewire your mindset
  • 3 tools of wisdom to intensify your mind
  • 3 exceptional rules to set you toward prosperity
  • 9 Doer's habits to get the maximum out of your day
  • How to deal with self-care & self-discipline from a unique perspective
  • 6 types of prosperity archetypes
  • A compass to climb up in your professional and personal life using the 7 Wealth Stages framework
  • See your life as one unit spread across eight vital areas of Holistic Wealth
  • And much more...

Remember, if you believe in yourself - it is YOUR revolution to no longer accept the average and ordinary life and do whatever it takes to rewire your mindset to the next level.

And the ultimate strategy is heavily investing in yourself FIRST.

That is the trigger point because the very first step of getting what you deserve in life is to get serious about change.

And that’s why we created The Doer Revolution because it is an actionable course to push you forward.

I’m here to guide you, I’m here to help you to climb the wealth pyramid. We’ll do it together. I’m here to advise you. I don’t know everything, but I know something. As my mentor taught me, you cannot find answers to all your questions from one person. You must use a combination of efforts and learn from several people to find what you want. And this is what I feel I can do for you. I’m your teacher, coach, mentor, or whatever you want to call it.

The school system and society teach you to kill your desire, dreams, and goals. I teach you to intensify your desire, dreams, and goals and will show you the reason you want to become a prosperous Doer.

It’s time to Believe, Act, and Prosper.

So welcome to the revolution!

What's inside?


  • You must be focused on yourself to fulfill your dreams and not just work for someone who is goal-oriented
  • You must challenge yourself and commit to building self-esteem with courage
  • You must analyze and assess who you really are because when you spend time getting to know yourself, you acquire an authentic growth mindset
  • You must be willing to unleash your Doer Revolution within you
  • You must get serious about change, keep searching and start growing!

Who this VIDEO book is for:

  • Self-starters who no longer want to accept average and ordinary life
  • Employees and freelancers who want to find a framework, blueprint, guideline, or compass to guide them through life’s confusing turns so they can reach their destination
  • Dreamers who are on a transformational path to becoming Doers
  • Doers who are obsessed to find the starting point toward an extraordinary life

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The Doer Revolution (Video Book)

0 ratings
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